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Expert assistance

The information and issue desks of the Hydraulic Engineering Information Centre (IZW) are happy to field questions during opening hours. Availability outside opening hours can be arranged upon request.

If you have any specific questions, you can arrange an individual consultation with one of our IZW employees on site or via telephone: +49 (0)721 9726-0. You can also contact our staff via email to izw.baw.de.

The IZW will be happy to provide brief information to industry experts free of charge. Fees may be charged for more detailed research requests commissioned from IZW staff.

Research services are free for BAW and WSV employees and for employees of other German federal agencies.

The following fees will be charged for research services involving the IZW and KFKI databases and any other linked databases available free of charge:

Basic research fee (up to 30 minutes)

45 EUR

Every additional 30 minutes

+ 30 EUR

Fields in which the IZW holds collections

Hydraulic engineering

River engineering, hydraulic structures, field investigations, shipping/waterways, system analysis, mathematical models, hydraulics, hydromechanics, hydraulic engineering in coastal areas, marine technology


Site investigations, foundation engineering, groundwater issues regarding buildings, earthworks, bankside and riverbed reinforcements

Structural engineering

Concrete and masonry structures, steel construction, corrosion protection, building materials, metrology, information systems

Information technology

IT methods for technical applications, IT methods for administrative applications